I accidentally deleted my fonts folder in home/usr/share, then I re-installed dejavu core fonts and ubuntu font family in order to be able to work with my ubuntu again.

Then I started to install other necessary font packages. I around 1 Gb of fonts. but still when I want to use internet many websites like Google, Yahoo mail, Facebook and etc, don't appear to have a nice smooth fonts which they had before.

I either missed some font packages which are important or there is a problem with font rendering which I doubt it.

That would be great if anyone help me to fix this issue.


Follow the steps:
1. Go to your home folder
2. Press Ctrl+H or (Menu -> View -> Show Hidden Files)
3. Make a backup copy of a file .fonts.conf from your home folder to any other location
4. Delete the .fonts.conf file which is in your home folder
5. Restart your browser
6. How are your eyes feeling now!

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