I have some personal photos which are encrypted by CryptKeeper. I doesn't like to disclose them to anyone. Whenever i lke to view them, I mount them using CryptKeeper. I need to include these photos in Shotwell photo manager at the time of mounting. So, I mounted them using CryptKeeper. Then I imported them to Shotwell. I made a new event and etc to organize and view those photos. After that I unmounted them using CryptKeeper because someone may see it. Now I don't want any single trail on Shotwell beacuse of the same problem. But there is a new button 'MissingFiles' appeared and when i clicked on it, all the photo thumbnail which i unmounted showed there. I dont't want right'click on them and select 'remove from library'; beacuse when i want to view them next time on Shotwell, I need to import, organize, etc at that time. So, the only option here is to disable the unavailability of that MisssingFiles button.

  • Simply remove them from your library prior to unmounting with Cryptkeeper. Highlight the 'personal photos' then Shift + Del. – Tom Brossman Sep 18 '12 at 5:24
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    To be clear, Shotwell keeps a thumbnail of every photo in your collection in ~/.cache/shotwell. So even if you were to hide the Missing Photos item in the sidebar, someone could still find the thumbnails if they were so inclined. – MrEricSir Sep 18 '12 at 18:29
  • @eric-yorba There is a way of keeping a totally private shotwell database and cache- see my script at the end of my answer. The secret is to temporarily export XDG_CACHE_HOME in the wrapper script as well as using Shotwell's -d option. – user76204 Oct 28 '12 at 11:55

With Shotwell you could use an alternative library for your 'secret' pictures, which would also leave the default .shotwell folder in your home folder intact. You would only need to remove shotwell.log in ~/.cache/shotwell to eliminate evidence that this different library had been opened. It is safe to remove this log file as it is generated automatically whenever shotwell is run. This log file is all I have in .cache after using Shotwell, just one file and no other thumbnail database (even with display hidden files on).

Using cryptkeeper, I wish to store the secret shotwell library in my encrypted folder, so I mount my encrypted folder (called secret) and point shotwell towards that folder when I launch it:

shotwell -d /home/mike/misc/secret

Now I import my pictures from my encrypted folder and the library will stay in my encrypted folder. This is the standard command that lets you select an alternative library location for shotwell, while retaining the default one unaltered. Each time you load up your encrypted folder and run the shotwell command your library will be ready to use. Now if you do it this way everytime, there will be no missing file warnings.

Now when you unmount your cryptkeeper folder you can run shotwell again as normal and it will load your default library (just see my note above about removing the shotwell log if you want to cover your tracks).

NOTE: for Shotwell 0.13 and above, you will have to launch the program with a bash wrapper script when using it with cryptkeeper or truecrypt, as the .cache thumbnail folder needs also to be kept private. So, something like this should launch Shotwell- point the cache and shotwell to your encrypted folder or volume:

export XDG_CACHE_HOME=/media/truecrypt6/shotwell
shotwell -d /media/truecrypt6/shotwell

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