is there any music player with the ability to auto-refresh it's contents, when a song is added in it's library directory manually?

like, if i add a song on my iTunes library on my Mac OS partition, then the Ubuntu player i'm searching for (which will also has the same directory as a library folder) will automatically have the song that has been added in the player ...


Check out quodlibet (disclaimer: I'm one of the current devs).

Recent versions come with a Automatic Library Update plugin (again, disclaimer...) which does exactly that, using the Python inotify wrappers. It will even update your current view / search results as you add or remove new songs...

You can get the latest stable version thus:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lazka/ppa
sudo apt-get install quodlibet quodlibet-plugins python-pyinotify

Hope that helps.

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