I deleted the Ubuntu One address book from Evolution, but now want to use it. Suddenly realized what brilliant service I lost :) How to set up Ubuntu One address book again?
Couldn't find the details that I need to enter, like the type service, or server URL. I set up everything else: Ubuntu One Account, the Ubuntu One program on my PC, so just need to make my Contact sync.


It should be as simple as adding the desktop couch contacts book back, like so:

Add Address Book

From the New menu under contacts you can add an Address Book, that will show a window which you can put the type as CouchDB, give it a name such as "Ubuntu One" and then select "Desktop CouchDB" as the Server.

More detail: This ties into this couch file in your home directory which is automatically added to your ubuntu one account:

Desktop Couch files in local settings

Assuming deleting the address book from Evolution didn't delete this file, then you should have a working and syncing address book.

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