I've just purchased a laptop Dell Inspiron 14z, with a HDD with 500G and a SSD with 32GB.

I installed 12.04 on it, setting the partitioning table like this: /home and swap partitions in the HDD, / partition in the SSD. Two days after installing, I changed some configuration file in the / partition, and after rebooting, the BIOS wouldn't recognize the SSD anymore.

The LiveCD was seeing it, but only with a size of 1GB. Eventually I had to call the technical support and I had the SSD replaced. The thing is, the technician told me that, even though I was playing with the partitions, probably the SSD was faulty. However, now I doubt. Maybe Ubuntu was accessing too often to the SSD or something, so that it got overloaded and crashed.

My question is: is it safe to install the / partition in the SSD? Do I have to have especial care when installing? (I've read about setting a partition for /boot, and even to leave the first 500MB of the SSD untouched, due to the MBR configuration, but I am not really sure if that would help). Any tip will be more than welcome.

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Your SSD was likely defective if it failed almost right away after you bought it. Generally speaking you don't need to do much to use an SSD, putting / on it and /home on your hard drive is a common configuration. See these questions for more information:

  • Thanks Jorge for your answer, and for the links. I will try again. Hope this time works...
    – capstain
    Commented Sep 14, 2012 at 11:09

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