I have Cairo Dock's Version installed and I've added it on start up. Now I want to remove it from Start Up, How I can do the Same? Please Help Me!

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(Assuming you are using 12.04)

  1. Click on the little wrench icon at the top-right position of the panel.

  2. Select Startup Applications

  3. There should be an entry for "Cairo-dock", select it

  4. Remove the tick mark from the entry.

Logout and Login again to test it.

  • Run Startup Applications program

enter image description here

  • Find an item that start with "GLX-Dock" in the shown list and unchecked it.

enter image description here

In your next login Cairo Dock will not start at login time.

  • Thank You Very Much for responding and for this solution! :) I clicked Gear icon from Panel and opened Startup Applications because on My Dash No Program is showing as "Startup Application", I disabled Cairo Dock from Startup Applications by clicking Gear icon and launching the same!
    – Gaurav
    Sep 14, 2012 at 3:51

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