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How do I reset my Unity configuration?

I think I have made some changes in Compiz and now I can't see anything on the screen when I log in with a user. For the other users everything is OK. Is there any possibility to reset to default compiz? All I can do logged in as the user with problems is pressing ctrl-alt-F2, and then I have to log in a terminal. I'm not at all a power user, so I apologies if my question is not very clear. Thanks in advance


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You can reset compiz by removing its configuration files. As you have already noticed, these files are stored per user. Log-in to the terminal (ctrl-alt-fX) and move the following directory

mv ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1-backup

Log out (exit) and log in via your GUI (ctrl-alt-f7). If all is fine, remove the backup directory.

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