Are there any differences between nvidia-graphics-drivers 304.43 from x-swap PPA and x-edgers PPA, or is it the same package?

  • If the version numbers for graphics driver packages are the same, there is no difference between the X-Swat (X-Updates) PPA and the xorg-edgers PPA (because they come from the same source)

  • But, note that the X-Swat PPA contains only graphics driver packages, while the xorg-edgers PPA also contains many other "bleeding-edge" graphics/system packages which may be unstable; if you choose the xorg-edgers PPA, regular updates will install these other packages too.

  • So, if you want to update only your graphics drivers, the X-Swat (X-Updates) PPA is recommended.


At this moment, x-swat is quite outdated, so I think is better to use xorg-edgers. At least they have a saucy version

  • x-swat has up-to-date packages, at least for 17.04. – Karl Richter Jun 30 '17 at 14:46

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