I have a vanilla Ubuntu install running on an Ivy-Bridge ultrabook that is using Intel 4000 graphics. I have enabled autologin via a line in the lightdm config file. My boot is very fast, however, it is ugly. The screen will be black, all solid purple for a second, then Plymouth for a second, then desktop.

I would really like to figure out what the solid purple is and how to remove it. I would like to either have a different color (black) or skipped entirely.


It sounds a bit like a "nomodeset" problem. But I am not 100% sure ....

I once had this problem that my display during boot was black and came only back for login. Then I set the "nomodeset" option as a boot parameter.

You could try that by setting this option and check if it helps. If not you remove this option again.

More here:

Nomodeset Ubuntu

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