As weird as it sounds, my 't' key works for login (it is part of my password) but once I am logged in it doesn't work in lower case in any app or at the command line. I have rebooted twice.

I am using a toshiba z835 ultrabook.

The keyboard know the key is being pressed - the backlight comes on and if I keep it pressed I see flickering indicating that's it's being detected, but no 't' appears.

Uppercase T is working ok! Plus when i put caps lock on and do shift-T I actually get a lower case 't' ! Obviously can't work normally with that.

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    Probably some other application that you have recently installed is using 't' as a hotkey, I do not know how to check which application, but the behaviour that you are experiencing looks like this. – Benjamin Sep 8 '12 at 23:50

I had remapped it by mistake in Ubuntu Tweaks.

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