So I've got this working in a 10.04 ubuntu OS in bash where I can run:

$ gedit app/file.rb 

bash opens that file with gedit but it is tied up.

How can I make my earlier command equivalent to $ gedit app/file.rb & by default.

If it helps here is a copy of my .bashrc file from the 10.04 OS : http://pastie.org/4687219

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    is this even a question? – VendettaDroid Sep 8 '12 at 21:34

ignite is right. but still, I would create this function:

function gedit(){ command gedit "$@" &>/dev/null & }

throwing the output to /dev/null keeps your terminal clean and allows you to continue your work.

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Add this line to your .bashrc file:

function gedit(){ command gedit "$@" & }  

Now restart your terminal. gedit app/file.rb should now run in background.


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