I downloaded the Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and installed it on a 115GB partition next to a 15GB swap alongside Windows 7.

I'm using a asus g73s.

I have 2 drives: one with only Windows (500GB) and another with a partition for (250GB) Windows and (115GBb) the Ubuntu and (15GB) swap partitions.

But after the installation, I can't find out how to run Ubuntu. It just run windows. I read that it should show a grub menu.

I tried:

  • Holding both Shift keys at boot up.
  • Running the Ubuntu Live CD and edit the grub file.
  • Also pressing the Esc and some function button during boot.

Nothing seems to work.

I solved my problem.

I pressed Esc during boot and a boot menu opened and there i choosed option: P2 and than the grub menu showed.

  • I am confused when you say next to a swap file for Windows 7. Is it a 2 hard drive set-up, or 1 drive with 2 partitions. I ask this because when you install grub will set up well, but to set up a dual boot with either OS on different physical drives can be done without grub (boot from menu or BIOS), It is a different than a multi-boot from various partitions on one physical drive (in my limited experience)
    – user88383
    Sep 8, 2012 at 19:28
  • I have 2 drives. One with only windows (500gb) and another with a partition for (250gb) windows and (115gb) the ubunto and (15gb) swap partitions.
    – BlueCat
    Sep 8, 2012 at 20:17
  • I find it difficult to press or hold the shift button at just the right time. You might try this over and over. Repeated pressing of "shift" has sometimes worked for me. This may depend somewhat on the BIOS installed in the machine. Be sure the BIOS setting is adjusted to boot from the drive with Ubuntu on it. Sep 9, 2012 at 5:54

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I solved my problem.

I pressed Esc during boot while showing the BIOS prompt and a menu opened with options for booting from available hard disks and there I choose option: P2 (The second hard disk) and then the grub menu showed.

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