Is there a way to have the start up sound wait like I did in conky like this?

sleep 30 

Not that its a big deal but my comp boots so fast it does not have time to play the small ogg file i have as the start up sound. Or any other ideas on what i can do to get it to play?? Also shutdown goes so fast it does not finish that sound either? And as allways TYAVMIA :-)


Shutdown sounds were removed from Gnome, unfortunately. As for startup sounds, they should play fine (you shouldn't need to delay them; they'll continue to play after your desktop is available).

In System / Preferences / Startup Applications verify that "GNOME Login Sound" is enabled: alt text

To configure a custom start-up sound, you'll have to create it manually at the moment:

mkdir - ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound
cd ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound
ln -s /the/sound/file/you/want.ogg desktop-login.ogg

And then in the same directory, create the file index.theme:

[Sound Theme]

Then you'll be able to select your theme in the drop-down of System / Preferences / Sound / Sound Effects / Sound theme.

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