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Seeing Ubuntu-made files on an NTFS partition from within Windows 7

Is not possible for me to open whatever folder I COPY from Ubuntu to my Windows partition or whatever usb memory. Windows says the folder's (FOLDER inside usb memory, wich I can see on Win) location is either disconnected or doesn't exist. Can't copy, cut or delete the folder on Windows but with Ubuntu I can. This happens even if I create the folder on the ntfs disc. I have never had this problem before. Files are openable however, but not if they are inside a folder.

Sorry If I haven't expressed myself, but this is basically the problem: I have always copied folders containing all filetypes (video, music,etc) to flash drives, external disc drives, ntfs partitions, and I have opened and viewed them on windows with no problems. Now I can't. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Try changing the folder permissions to your user name by entering

sudo chmod *username* /folder/filename 

where folder and file name are the path to the folder you want to edit.

I want to edit, for example, contacts.csv located on my desktop, so I use

sudo chmod rmaultz /home/rmaultz/Desktop/contacts.csv 

or to change a folder recursively I would use

sudo chmod -R rmaultz  /home/rmaultz/Desktop  

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