I use Lubuntu 12.04 and a gtk2 theme, Elegant Arch.

With such a theme, gtk2 applications like Thunar will be themed, while others like Nautilus, would be not (see this question ant the images there).

Because I wanted to theme gtk3 applications like Nautilus, Audacious etc., I have copied the "gtk-3" folder from the main folder of a gtk3 theme into the main folder of my Elegant arch theme, which is in home/username/themes. Using the gtk3 folder from this full flat theme I got a pretty similar look in gtk2 and gtk 3 apps.

Lubuntu Desktop Center, Ubuntu Desktop Center, Network Options and other such apps are now themed (before they were not). Even Update Manager is.

enter image description here

But why is Synaptic Manager not themed?

enter image description here

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The application you are opening is one that needs root privileges. You could also link the files to use them:

sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes
sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root/.icons
sudo ln -s ~/.fonts /root/.fonts

I'm using LXAppearance to change themes on i3wm. You have to open LXAppearance as root and apply a theme to change the theme of applications that run as root.

This will change that ugly Raleigh theme that the Synaptic Package Manager is using.


It looks like Synaptic Manager is a gtk2 application. So, all this has nothing to do with theming gtk3 apps.

But in order to use a theme for Synaptic, that theme has to be put in /usr/share/themes.

I figured where to put the theme by the fact that the lubuntu-default theme, which has gtk2+3 support and had themed Synaptic, was in /usr/share/themes, while Elegant Arch theme was in ~/.themes. Also, Synaptic uses gtk2: when I put Elegant Arch theme (with the gtk3 folder of the full flat theme inside) into /usr/share/themes, Synaptic takes the theming of Elegant Arch.

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