I tried doing Ctrl+Alt+F1 but I cannot login since every time I type at the password field no characters are being input or I just got the wrong username password.

How do I solve this?

  • I got this message while installing Ubuntu Server x32 in Oracle VM VirtualBox.
    – John Scott
    Jun 7, 2014 at 1:40

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I've checked in French Ubuntu forums, unfortunately to no avail for me, and for some this did work:

You need to verify that your /home/$USER/.Xauthority file is not owned by root.

You can simply check that with ls -ld .Xauthority (assuming you are in the home directory) and revert it back with

sudo chown $SUDO_USER .Xauthority

Let me know if that helped. I had to reinstall from scratch.


I got the problem after I removed GDM. (Running 12.04 with Openbox.) I solved it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 to another console and reinstall it.

Should it realy be $SUDO_USER or am I supposed to replace it with my username for example? Well, it didn't work anyway. On the other hand, I didn't try very hard.


Use this command works just fine IMHO I had similar problem now its fixed.

sudo chown username:username /home/username/.Xauthority

Just put your username in place of username in the command.


At login: Ctrl+Alt+F1

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME


Enter your password and login. Worked for me.

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