Asking about good offline dictionaries in Ubuntu would have created a duplicate of this question which got as answers only Goldendict and Artha.

Artha is ok but is limited to English as far as I can tell. enter image description here

I would like at least some more English and French dictionaries.

I have also installed Opendict but it asks to add dictionaries. How to do it? enter image description here

Many users recommend Goldendict, which comes with Wikipedia and to which I could add an English dictionary, enter image description here

but for dictionary sources we are redirected to an almost dead website: most of links are dead and/or in Russian. I cannot download any dictionaries from Babylon as they just give a link to download Babylon.exe no matter what "free-dictionary" I choose. I have extracted the exe file but no .bgl files inside (what am I missing here?).


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You can use the "WordNet 3" dictionary which is supported by GoldenDict. To install it: Extract the Zip file and put it somewhere in your system then do the following: Edit>Dictionaries>Add>Then select the extracted folder and click "Apply".

You can download WordNet 3 from this link: http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_goldendict/downloads/dictionaries/WordNet3.0_1.0.zip/

Here is a collection of dictionaries: http://www.stardict.org/download.php


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