Even after I've installed all the Mono packages, I am still asked to install Silverlight when I visit Silverlight-enabled web pages.

Even after I agreed to do this and installed the Moonlight Firefox extension from http://go-mono.com/moonlight/, nothing changed - Silverlight applets still don't work and ask to install Silverlight (directing to http://go-mono.com/moonlight/).

How do I finally install it?

The situation is the same in Ubuntu 10.10 and Xubuntu 11.04.

  • What applets?. Silverligth only supports old versions of silverlight, it's currently one major version behind, and likely it'll be two in the next months, when Silverlight 4 is out of beta. – Javier Rivera Dec 21 '10 at 9:20
  • This is outdated as of Dec 2012 and Ubuntu 12.10. The package is not part of the repositories anymore. Fortunately, a manual installation from here go-mono.com/moonlight works (see answer by user14850) with Ubuntu 12.10/Firefox 17 (at least). – alfC Dec 11 '12 at 3:32

This version at moonlight site is beta, but it worked for me.


And it shall work according to Mozilla



For Google Chrome here is the plugin

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