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How to hide users from the login screen?

I'm setting Ubuntu 10.10 up on my father's desktop and have two user accounts, his and mine (for remote administration purposes). How can I hide (but not delete) my user from the login list?


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There is a great answer to this question on ServerFault: https://serverfault.com/questions/173044/ubuntu-login-page-where-to-specify-users-list-shown/173051#173051


Traditionally users with UIDs lower than 1000 will not be listed as they are counted more as system accounts. You can still login, you just wont be listed.

sudo usermod -u 999 your-username

It's possible this may break gnome for this user but if you're remote only, it wont hurt. To fix this,

sudo chown -R your-username:your-username /home/your-username

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