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What should I do when Ubuntu freezes?

Ubuntu 12.04-12.10 32/64 freezes or won't boot if the Ethernet cable is unplugged and will not hold a wireless connection.

Here is my scenario...

Laptop: Acer Aspire 5516 Wireless card: Broadcom BCM4312

Ubuntu 12.04 32/64 Issues

  1. Unity 3d won't load without the Ethernet cable plugged in. If I let it load with Ethernet plugged in, it will freeze once I disconnect the cable.
  2. Unity 2d will load without the Ethernet cable plugged.
  3. In Unity 2d, wireless cannot hold a connection. I can connect to a Wireless network, but when I try to use it (i.e. open a browser), it disconnects. I can reconnect by disabling wireless (uncheck Enable Wireless), re-enable wireless, and reconnect. But, it will disconnect again once I start using it.

Ubuntu 12.10 Issues

  1. Since 12.10 only gives me the option to load 3d (I assume), I experience the same thing as the first issue in 12.04.

Attempted Solutions

  1. Enable networking/LAN in BIOS
  2. Set LAN first in boot priority in BIOS Remove STA wireless driver (bcmwl-kernel-source) and install b43 low power driver (firmware-b43-lpphy-installer).
  3. Remove default Network Manager and install Wicd.

So far, I have had no luck with fixing this issue.

Does anyone have any further suggestions?

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Only workaround I have found so far is to boot into recovery mode, then resume. It seems to work, though I have no idea why.

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