I have installed Edubuntu 12.04 and have ltsp working. This is installed in a classroom setting and I would like to use a content filter in Firefox as an add on. The add on I would like to use is ProCon. The problem that I am having is that I Would like to install this add on globally to Firefox and not have to install it on every user account. Can you help me?


Instructions how to install extensions for all users are found on following url, however this disables the automatic update of the extensions and needs manual upgrades.


  • just to add the fact in the link privided by ThinLinc the folder is in your case : /usr/share/mozilla/extensions/{AppId} . About the AppId thing you must install it in your session and then You'll be able to find the appid folder of your extension over there : ~/.mozilla/ . Just copy the "appid" folder into the folder that I've mentioned and do a chmod -R 755 appid folder and you should have it for everyone. – Antoine Rodriguez Oct 13 '12 at 13:13

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