I'm trying to install nginx using the package manager. Usually I'd do this:

sudo apt-get install nginx

but I need nginx to have SSL support. I could compile nginx from source with SSL support, but I'd like to use a package manager just to make it easier to upgrade or remove if I need to.

Does the nginx package compile with SSL support or is there a way to make it?



The package nginx-full installs ssl support as well.

Please refer to this guide to configure your ssl


  • beware - nginx-full currently installs nginx 1.1.19 which is a couple of versions old. – outside2344 Feb 18 '14 at 2:17

The SSL certificate - is the thing, which the websites have unique. Nginx can't provide preinstalled certs, because as i said - 1 cert for 1 site. The SSL certificates are paid, and expire after a while. So, the only way you can get totally FREE SSL certificate - is using certbot. This program gets Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt authority. They're have no differencies beetween paid ones (except short duration - 2 months). But you can set automatical renew. I'm using this certificates, and I'm pretty wondered that SSL certificate can be free. So the you can follow those steps to get SSL on your website.

But you'll need a domain.

EDIT: nginx package already supports SSL. You don't need to install other packages.
Just use

sudo apt-get install nginx

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