I'm using a new HP Home G42-215BR notebook, which uses an Intel HD Graphics GPU (i915 kernel driver).

My Ubuntu 10.10 installation is new and is up-to-date.

When I choose to lock screen in the menu and close the lid, if I reopen the lid within a short period of time everything works. But if it stays idle for a while and I reopen the lid, I don't get the login screen. All that I can see is a black screen with my mouse cursor. I can switch to tty1 (which works) with no problem, but switching back to tty7 doesn't helps, I can't get the login screen anymore.

I don't want to have to reboot all the time I lock the screen... Any ideas?


This sounds like it deserves a bug report in my opinion. For more on that, you can take a look here.


This is not a solution, but you can switch to a tty, and type : ps -ef | grep tty7. Remember the process ID (PID, so the first number on the first line with the coloured "tty7") and paste it in : sudo kill -s 9 <the PID here>. The computer don't reboot, just the session.

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