I use 10.04 regularly and I dual-booted my laptop with 10.04 and Windows 7 already.

I made a mistake in deleting my entire top and bottom panel on 10.04. So I am trying to get it back.

When I search through forums, it asks me to go to terminal and use some commands to get it back. But the problem is, I am not able to access my terminal through Alt+F2.

When I press F2, my Wi-Fi goes off because it is the Wi-Fi button on my Dell laptop and my Internet is off. It doesn't bring me a terminal. How should I get to a terminal to do any further action?

@obsessive foss Thank you..That helped CTRl+Alt+T. I just pressed some commands to get back my ubuntu top panel. I used the commands

gconftool-2 --shutdown

rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel

pkill gnome-panel

But the cursory look at commands suggests i am shutting down gconftool and then killing process gnome panel too. How am i able to get back my top panel then..what are these commands actually doing??

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Please use Fn+Alt+F2 as the function keys may need Fn. However, tris lets you run one command and the better key combination to use is Ctrl+Alt+T.

This actually applies to cases where any function key(F1-F12) acts improperly.

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