I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 and using Adobe Reader 9.

When I click on the embedded file link in the pdf file I get a dialogue box saying

Multimedia Player Finder: The media requires an additional player. Please click 'Get Media Player' to download the correct media player. To play the media, you will need to close and restart the application once the player is complete.

When I click on Get Media Player the dialogue box closes but nothing further happens.

I have looked at this question:

play audio that are embedded in pdf file

and downloaded RealPlayer but still continue to get the same problem. I have also installed timidity without any result.

If it would help to use some other pdf reader that will allow me this functionality then I would be happy to do that as an alternative as well.

All help gratefully received.

  • Still looking for an answer? Do you by chance have a PDF with a midi file I could tinker with? – Seth Jun 26 '14 at 0:39
  • Thanks for the offer @Seth. I got round the problem by requesting the author to send me the midi files separately which he did. – Purvez Jun 27 '14 at 7:39

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