I need assistance in creating a script that does the following:

  1. Open Gedit
  2. Open a document with Gedit
  3. Save the document twice
  4. Close Gedit

I was wondering how can I make it happen with Gedit and xdotool, as xdotool can simulate the key combination to save a document Ctrl+S


The window must be focused because otherwise gedit will ignore X events sent by xdotool.

Here's what your script should be:


gedit -s /path/to/document
# -s is standalone, meaning a new window will be opened instead of a tab in any existing gedit

sleep 5 # wait for gedit to open, adjust if necessary

GEDPID=$!  # save PID of gedit process

sleep 2 # wait for gedit to actually open document, adjust if necessary

GEDWINID=`xdotool search --pid $GEDPID | tail -1`
# gets window ID of gedit, the third "child" is the actual window

xdotool windowactivate --sync $GEDWINID key --clearmodifiers --delay 100 ctrl+s ctrl+s alt+F4
# focus gedit window, wait until focused, then save twice and exit
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