I am a real techno-tard. I need help optimizing my pc performance. Does Canonical offer any online support (such as online chat) to help people like me? I try to understand the posts but the language is just too technical for me to understand what to do to help myself.


Related to support ,

They have lot of subject based IRC Chat channels here as Chat support IRC

There are several Internet relay chat (IRC) channels on the freenode network (irc.freenode.net) used for Ubuntu support and development.

The best place to start for general help with Ubuntu or just to meet other Ubuntu users is #ubuntu or one of the many local language channels.

Specific channels are available for Ubuntu derivatives: #kubuntu, edubuntu, #lubuntu and #xubuntu and separate channels relate to development, bugs,local community (LoCo) teams, accessibility and documentation. Choose from the current list of channels .

When participating in Ubuntu IRC channels, please follow the code of conduct.

Plus - Gain enough Reputation to Chat on AU Chatroom itself.

Ubuntu also provides Paid support service, refer the Canonical Profesional Desktop Support Service page.

As far as PC performance goes , you can try asking the question in detail description as required. Example

How can I improve Ubuntu overall system performance?

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