My hard disk has 4 partitions:

  1. System (primary partition)
  2. C:(primary partition 200 GB)
  3. F: (Logical drive 246 GB)
  4. D: recovery(primary partition 20 GB)

Can I install 12.04 by WUBI installation method on the logical drive? If yes, can I shrink the remaining free space in F: drive to make another drive?

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    You can Install Wubi wherever you want, it Acts as a Windows program. and no you can't make another partition you already have 4. – Uri Herrera Aug 23 '12 at 5:34

Yes, you can install WUBI on any of your "usable" drives(by usable I mean, partitions other than your system and your recovery drives). If you can backup the data on the F drive(if it matters to you), you can delete that partition first, create as many logical partitions under the new logical partition that you can create using this free space. At present it is not possible to create a new partition as MBR allows only 4 primary partitions and a logical partition is considered as a primary partition in this count. However, you can create any number of logical partitions inside a logical partition. That is why you need to delete this first. Hope you got it. Post it, if you have any problems.

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