I upgraded Ubuntu to 12.04 and everything is fine expect I now have no option to connect to WiFi.

Under the WiFi applet in the upper top right where I would typically open the applet and see WiFi signals that the computer finds and that I can connect to, when I open the applet there are no Wifi signals listed to choose from.

It shows from top to bottom in white text: VPN Connections, Enable Networking and Edit Connections; it shows in dark text that I can't open: Wired Network, disconnected and Connection Information.

Any ideas what to do? Basically the computer software doesn't show the option of connecting to the WiFi now.


The problem might be that your Wireless Card isn't being detected, or needs restricted drivers to work properly.

Try to connect thru ethernet to the internet, open a terminal window and type:

sudo apt-get update

and then:

sudo apt-get upgrade

it updates your system.

Then, go to System Definitions > Hardware and open Aditional Drivers

It should open a window with the restricted and opensource drivers for your wireless board. You just have to select and activate the one that you want.

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