I'd like to upgrade Nautilus from to 3.4 because I've encountered a problem which I cannot reproduce on Nautilus 3.4 (on Ubuntu 12.04). I guess there might be a bug in my current version.

The problem is that I'm not that sure if I can simply install a newer version on Ubuntu Natty without causing trouble, because I don't want to change the whole desktop.
I took a look on the package for Precise just to see if it works, but after following a few dependencies I end up at the decision to destroy a package (libc-dev-bin) which I don't want to do with my little experience.

Is it even possible to upgrade and if yes, how could I achieve that? (if you know some good explanations of the issue packages & dependencies please feel free to post)


Upgrading to 12.04 is by far the easiest way to get a new version of Nautilus.

Nautilus is an integral part of Gnome, which is an integral part of the whole distro, depending on a particular version of libc and other stuff. Trying to update only some of the packages will lead you straight into dependency hell, as you're already discovering, especially when migrating from Gnome2 to Gnome3.

Another option is compiling new version of Gnome from source with a separate prefix, but that's also probably more work that you'll be willing to invest.

  • Just as I feared. I already tried 12.04 on my pc but ran into problems/crashes so I wanted to stay on 11.04 for longer. Seems I have to give it another try =) thanks for your answer. – 32bitfloat Aug 16 '12 at 20:53

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