I just installed unclutter on Ubuntu 12.04, Gnome 3, but it uses standard settings, and there is no way i can change them from terminal, not to mention i need to apply them from the very start.

I think the only way is to find Unclutter in the default script that runs it. But I dont know where it is and where to find it.

It is not in the startup applications, I checked.

  • Hey, I guess you got the tumbleweed badge for this question, which is a shame because it is a very tricky question for those who have it. I searched my whole home directory with rgrep -I unclutter /home/ only to find that actually the configuration is system-wide. ;-) – James Haigh Jul 2 '13 at 15:25

Unfortunately, by default, unclutter's startup configuration affects all users, and is in this file:


I suggest you set:


and then configure your personal preference in Startup Applications.

Alternatively, you can leave START_UNCLUTTER set to true, and set EXTRA_OPTS to your preference, but be warned that this will affect all users of the system, which is almost always undesirable for multi-user systems, and may cause the kind of confusion as in this question.

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