I have a .mdb database file which originated from a MS Access Jet database.

Is the some way to view this database, and even better, a way to edit and export it?


You can try to install mdbtools and mdbtools-gmdb in order to get the mdb viewer for gnome.

alt text

I haven't used it myself, so i don't know if it's able to let you edit the database, but it gives you the option to export it, so maybe you can convert it to the oo-base version (odb).

I don't know why openoffice doesn't support it. I've read that is caused by MSDAO that cannot be installed in linux o/s, so only oo-base in windows can natively support it.

Anyway, you should give it a try i guess. I hope it helps a bit.

  • Thanks Pavlos.. mdbtools is currently read-only (according to [mdbtools.sourceforge.net/] it will become writeable in the next version (but the current version seems to be from 2004, so I'm not waiting :)... As it stands now, it is functional for reading data via SQL and can export individual tables, and schemas. It doesn't seem to handle the standard MS UTF-16 unicode format, unless it can via a locale setting, but it is quite usable for looking at and exporting tables.. There might be more to it, as I've only looked a the GUI, and the CLI may do more, but it has its merits as it is.
    – Peter.O
    Dec 15 '10 at 19:18
  • glad to hear it helped ;-)
    – Pavlos G.
    Dec 15 '10 at 19:40

You can use LibreOffice Base with the UCanAccess JDBC driver to manipulate Microsoft Access databases (.mdb and .accdb). For details, see the following answer

Is it possible to open a Microsoft Access database file without using Wine or VirtualBox?

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