and access it with browser?

Like fever rss reader but from opensource world?

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Here are some FLOSS web-based feed readers that I know of:




  • Great answer! Which of them is keeps unread items till one reads them (not the river-of-news style) and has the simplest installation as I'm not very advanced user and installation guidelines of NewsBlur make me sad – Moonwalker Aug 17 '12 at 10:37

There are many RSS readers available for Linux. You already have one installed - Thunderbird. I use it to read my rss feeds.

Another popular RSS reader is RSSOwl.

  • Yes, I know it, but my question was about hosted solutions, so I want my own google reader, on my own host. – Moonwalker Aug 11 '12 at 9:35

Try Tiny Tiny RSS.


  • Server-side application, user only needs a web browser

    Supports RSS, RDF, Atom feeds using Magpie and SimplePie libraries

    Easy setup and configuration

    Streamlined interface using AJAX

    Free software, licensed under GNU GPL

    Authentication for reading protected feeds (e.g. LiveJournal friend-only posts)

    Supports feed aggregation, keyboard shortcuts, OPML import/export, multiple and single user operation, mobile devices, internationalization, detecting and filtering duplicate articles, podcasts, article scoring, content filtering, JSON-based API, Twitter feeds, feed sharing between instances, and more...

    Official Android client (work in progress)

A demo can be found here: http://tt-rss.org/demo/tt-rss.php

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