I bought a new machine, so, what I did was save my current iptables using iptables-save and imported the rules into the new machine with iptables-restore command.

If I run iptables -L command in the new machine I can see all my rules, but if I open Gufw I can't see them.

Somebody can help me? nonox


Gufw is a front-end for ufw, which in turn is a simple interface/front-end to iptables.

Gufw does not display your existing iptables rules because it is only designed to interpret the high-level ufw rules; it simply cannot parse the low-level iptables rules.

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  • Thanks! You right, what I did was save my current ufw rules (/lib/ufw/user.rules) and copy them in my new machine and everything works fine! – Nonox Aug 11 '12 at 15:55

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