I'm looking for a Debian/Ubuntu package that serves as a device manager, an application that allows me to see and modify hardware on my machine (ie. hard drives, network cards, etc.) through a visual interface.

I searched for one and found gnome-device-manager, however it seems to have been discontinued and is removed from the official repositories. I also searched the Ubuntu Software Centre but could not find any.

Does anybody know any alternatives I can use?

  • Not exactly what you are looking for, but lshw is useful in aggregating your current hardware. – James McMahon Nov 7 '12 at 14:33

Unfortunately, there is no application that lets you both view and manage your hardware.

While tools like hardinfo may be able to give you an abstraction of the hardware in your computer, it cannot disable, change or install a driver.

You will have to resort to command-line tools like modprobe, modinfo and so on.


There is no unified hardware management.

The network manager is there by default and you can install gparted for hard drive management.

baobab (Listed as Disk Usage Analyzer) is also useful for drive usage.

You can benchmark your drives and view smart data with palimpsest.

You can configure screen resolution through system settings or proprietary apps.

CPU scaling was available as a gnome 2 panel applet, don't know what's replacing it.

If you have a complex audio card, you might need alsamixer to ajust inputs / outputs volume.

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