I need to uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 and install it back again.

I installed it alongside windows. I recently uninstalled Windows.

I wish to re install the same version of Ubuntu after this. I really want to do a total clean install. I don't need any files on here, I never saved anything important anyways.

So how should I go about totally removing everything and starting fresh with Ubuntu 12.04?

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Boot through a live CD/USB, then Select "Install Ubuntu".

At this step:

enter image description here

Choose "Erase disk and install Ubuntu". Choose the same option if there are other options available.

This will install a Fresh new copy of Ubuntu on your computer.


Boot from the Ubuntu Live CD or USB, don't install it but use it in Live mode, look for an application called gparted, with that you will be able to format the partitions related to Ubuntu or delete these partitions all together.

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