I have a Lenovo x220 Tablet laptop with a built-in webcam, which is shown by lsusb as a Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd device (device id 04f2:b217). The uvcvideo kernel module is used as a driver for it.

The webcam is working out-of-the-box under Ubuntu 12.04 (very nice!), but the video is upside-down (for example in Empathy and when I open /dev/video0 with vlc). So how can I rotate the webcam video by 180° degrees? I would prefer an application-independent solution, because for example Empathy seems to have no settings for this.

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You can use WebcamStudio in order to manage your webcam orientation and change or enrich your webcam experience with some extra features such as:

  1. Integrating animations and/or text layers to your video stream.
  2. Use a pre-recorded fixed image/gif animation/video for broadcasting over your preferred video conferencing system.
  3. Use several sources in the same session, switching from a device to another just in a click.

A screenshot from the web is placed here for your convenience:

enter image description here

Basically, what Webcam Studio does is to provide your system with a virtual "bridge" between your physical webcam and what the video conference software is expecting to find, thus the ability to enrich the streamed video with effects/filters/animations/etc.

Good luck!

P.S. Usage of the webcam studio software can be combined with Empathy/Skype/Google+ Hangouts and other flash based video conferencing web services.


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