In Banshee, I would right-click and obtain Track Information, including artist and album updates, from the internet.

This is explained in this Q&A - the lastfm-fingerprint extension:

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How do I get so for Rhythmbox?


Fingerprinting in Rhythmbox

An enterprising rhythmbox plugin developer has created a very useful plugin that has just this very feature.

step by step

Installation instructions at the bottom of this answer.

Once installed, enable the plugin and click the Preferences button

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Tick the checkbox shown above and click the Login button. This will fire-up your favourite browser.

Login to LastFM:

enter image description here

Then allow the plugin access to LastFM:

enter image description here

Finally, click the button shown to finish the Rhythmbox configuration:

enter image description here

How to finger print a song

You will now have a new right-click option that searches LastFM:

enter image description here

When it finds possible matches, it presents this in most-likely order:

enter image description here

By default, it will update the artist, album and title of the song.

There is an extra check-box which does a deeper search of LastFM to find additional information about your song.

how to install

Full instructions are in the README file.

Some tips - install the package python2.7-dev before trying to install pylastfp. You need version 0.6 or later of pylast.

Open a terminal then copy and paste a line at a time the following:

sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev git
git clone git://github.com/asermax/lastfm_extension.git
cd lastfm_extension

Then download v0.6 of pylast, extract it and then install via:

sudo apt-get install python-pip libfftw3-dev libsamplerate0-dev
sudo pip install pylastfp

If compilation of packages is just not your cup-of-tea - then you can install my Rhythmbox PPA (link below) and install the lastfm-extension package which will install all the prerequisites for you.

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  • A few additions obtained from @fossfreedom in the Ubuntu Chat Room: If you don't have git-clone, run: * sudo apt-get install git after which, in the terminal, type: * git clone git://github.com/asermax/lastfm_extension.git * cd lastfm_extension * ./install.sh Works now. – katya sehgal Aug 28 '12 at 15:19
  • the plugin in the accepted answer doesn't work with rhythm box 3.0 + github.com/asermax/lastfm_extension/issues/22 – Xinyu Zhao Sep 28 '15 at 7:40

As far as I know Rhythmbox can only update art work for your albums.
This is done with the help of a plugin. They are installed and enabled by default.
So the quick answer to your question if Rhythmbox can fix the music tags is NO.

To open the plugins window go to Edit / Plugins.

In case they are not installed:

sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-plugins

About the Rhythmbox 3rd party plugins:

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