While attempting to run gEdit as root from a terminal window (was trying to do some tweaking on my HOSTS and FSTAB files), I get a message saying "No DBus connection available" and get booted back to the prompt.

However, I can run Nautilus from the prompt like that (still get the error, but it runs all the same), and use WINE and NOTEPAD, and was able to make my changes.

I thought maybe DBUS was missing, but APT says it's installed and gEdit runs fine when not elevated. Granted, I don't have to elevate often, but on the off-chance I do, (like adding or changing SMB/CIFS mountpoints in FSTAB), I would like to use gEdit, not NOTEPAD from WINE, and not in a terminal window with VI (well VIM).

Ideas? Solutions?

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    How are you launching gedit? – Uri Herrera Aug 4 '12 at 3:16
  • Isn't it not advisable to run apps like that with sudo instead of gksu. I forgot the reason why it's not advised. – Marky Mar 5 '13 at 15:51

I had a similar problem on Fedora 17 and the solution was just to use su - instead of su.

But maybe your problem is something different, don't know.


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As the first entry above stated, while using Linux Mint 14 I also received this error when opening Gedit to edit my fstab file by using su Enter enter password then gedit. I did it again using su - and the problem did not occur.

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Since upgrading to 12.10, I don't have this issue any more, so I'm closing this question.

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