Is there any way to make Nautilus use different colors when showing list of files? Something similar to what ls does in console visually distinguishing archives, executable scripts etc?


There is no Configuration for Coloured view as in terminal , but definitely File type based is available .

Go to Edit=>Preferences ,select in List columns as

enter image description here

which will enable you to view File Type in List View under MIME type , (Application to open it) as

enter image description here

And in TYPE column , seen as

enter image description here

Or in Icons view , press Ctrl+S and type the file type you want to view as *.jpg and wall* for file names to Highlight all the respective Files.

  • Thanks, I know I can see that column, the problem is that I normally use Compact view and color coding is in general easier to grasp than reading thru column. Ctrl+S works in any mode and it's a good hint when you need selection. – Igor Semenko Aug 3 '12 at 8:53

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