I have a desktop where I dual-boot Windows XP and Lubuntu. Given that Wubi makes use of Windows Boot Menu, If I install Ubuntu 12.04 from Wubi installer on Windows, will it be present on Grub Menu? Will there be any conflict between Wubi and Grub Menu?


No, it won't conflict but Wubi won't show up in Grub either. Wubi adds itself to the Win XP boot menu, so to boot Wubi the process would be:

  1. Grub: Lubuntu or WinXP?
  2. Choose WinXP
  3. WinXP boot menu: WinXP or Wubi?
  4. Choose Wubi (you may then get a Wubi grub menu asking you to choose a kernel, recovery mode, etc.)
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    No, I think you're right but IiRC newer Wubi versions skip the menu by default. – ish Jul 30 '12 at 15:03
  • Grub on a Wubi install bypasses Windows entries, not linux entries. So the Wubi grub menu will show, and it will have the Wubi install and Lubuntu (but no entry for windows). – bcbc Jul 30 '12 at 18:47

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