I have a relatively new Intel "Ultrabook", the HP Envy Spectre XT. It has the IDT 92HD99 sound card. Support for this was added to ALSA 1.0.25 based on this changelog:


However the ALSA driver version in Ubuntu 12.04 is 1.0.24. Can someone explain how to update the ALSA driver to 1.0.25? The alsa-base package says it's using a package version 1.0.25-dfsg-0ubuntu1.

Here is my ALSA version info:

!!ALSA Version !!------------

Driver version: 1.0.24 Library version: 1.0.25 Utilities version: 1.0.25

I think I need to get that "Driver version" up to 1.0.25 to get support for my hardware. Any help? Thanks.


A solution will be to use the ppa ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa.
It description says

This PPA will be used to provide testing versions of packages for supported Ubuntu releases.

It contains ALSA 1.0.25 driver package for precise(12.04).
N.B: I haven't tested it, so please be careful.

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I can see the question is pretty out of date, but could this help you?


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Yes, Ubuntu precise LTS is having the ALSA version of 1.0.24. You can look at the below link, where the upgrade script has been attached. I have tried on the AMD's new SI products and it worked well.


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