I cannot seem to find the visualization options in Rhythmbox anymore. Were they left out from inclusion in Ubuntu 12.04?

  • In 12.04, RhythmBox has been ported to GTK3 (i.e. the GNOME3 UI), and is currently missing quite a bit of the old functionality (including visualization); old plugins are not supported either.

  • A visualization plugin is available in experimental GNOME3, but upgrading to this requires upgrading a lot more than RhythmBox and is not recommended.

  • For visualization, it's best to wait until 12.10, when the upstream changes from above will probably be included.

    • For other plugins (lyrics, etc.), AU mod/superuser fossfreedom has been testing and porting them to his PPA so they will work with the stock Rhythmbox; please see this answer for which ones are available and how to install them.
  • Thank you for explaining. I have indeed stumbled across a PPA which offers the visualizations plug-in, though I will just wait for 12.10. – Cumulus007 Jul 29 '12 at 23:40
  • Yes, that's the PPA but it requires you to upgrade the full Gnome3 to its packages for rbox viz to work :/ – ish Jul 29 '12 at 23:49

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