Hope you can help.

My dashboard on ubuntu one shows that I have 14.5mb in the files tab, but under the files section, it is saying the "Lets get started with syncing your files." I have synced and stopped syncing folders with files just to test out how it worked., but I don't think it was 14.5mb worth of files. Is there a way to reset or clear an account? Who would I contact about this issue?

I have tried the "How do I stop syncing a folder outside the Ubuntu One folder?" tips.

Thank you.

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It's likely that you are affected by this bug. There is a contact address in the link.

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  • Thank you Javier Rivera, I must have missed that bug in my readings. At least now I know there is a problem and I am not crazy. Thank you again. – Robert Dec 11 '10 at 18:34

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