I am encrypting my entire Ubuntu partition with TrueCrypt, but I am not sure which one is the Ubuntu partition?

I have dual boot Ubuntu with the other being Windows Vista which has basically no information on it anymore.

Here's a picture of the partitions:
list of partitions

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You can't encrypt your entire Ubuntu partition with Truecrypt, it would not boot anymore. If you wish to achieve a fully encrypted Ubuntu install, then try out the alternate image, which has an option to fully encrypt your Ubuntu partition (except for /boot).

Also, I can tell from the mount points in your screenshot that you used Wubi to install Ubuntu. This is not a "proper" Ubuntu setup, since it basically resides in a file on your Windows partition. Consider re-installing Ubuntu the regular way, that is, by booting your computer from a Ubuntu live-cd/-usb.


to answer your question: sda2 would be ubuntu because it was installed second, is using a mount directory and im assuming you gave it more than 1.5 gb.

but Cumulus007's advice should be followed anyways

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