I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity3D.

When I press Alt+Enter (a keyboard shortcut used by a number of things, especially Sublime Text), the Compiz magnifier is launched (creating a box around the cursor, and zooming the contents of the box).

I tried to change the keyboard shortcut in CompizConfig Settings Manager (the "Magnifier" effect). I changed it to Ctrl+Alt+Space, which is working for me. However, Alt+Enter still triggers the effect.

If I disable the effect, it stops. So I know it is the magnifier effect. I just can't figure out why Alt+Enter is still triggering the effect even after changing the shortcut.

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It is a bug and I am afraid it is currently in low priority. I guess the best would be to enable / disable per requirement.



If you don't use magnifier, you could disable it entirely, as shown in this thread

Install "simple-ccsm" from Synaptic.
System -> Preferences -> Simple CompizConfig Configuration Manager
On the Accessibility tab, uncheck "Screen Zoom."

  • I was hoping to continue using it, but with a different keyboard shortcut. The new keyboard shortcut works, but the old one seems to continue. I'm wondering if it's hard-coded in somewhere... Thanks anyway :) Jul 24, 2012 at 3:11

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