I'm no Ubuntu expert but I have had brief experience with Linux in the past and use it a bit at my university.

Today I had an issue with the Dash search function.

Specifically I downloaded a program called Teamspeak 3 to my /Downloads folder. I then executed the .run file and installed the program, which resulted in a folder appearing in my /Downloads folder containing the program and associated files.

I ran the program a few times from that location but thought there must be a better place to store the files. I used the sudo mv command to the move the folder into /opt. I later realised the program had been running while I did this but it didn't kick up any errors. This was no problem, but when I searched the term 'Teamspeak' in the Dash it would still show the /Downloads folder instead of the /opt folder.

So the problem is simply that the Dash search hasn't updated the folder's location. The program runs fine from /opt so thats not an issue.

Any assistance would be much appreciated :)

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As Ubuntu Says:

The Dash allows you to search for applications and files, showing you applications and files that you have used recently. If you have ever worked on a spreadsheet or edited an image and forgot where you saved it, you will surely find this feature of the Dash to be useful.

You need to use the application from the new location for dash to remember it.

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