I would like to install from repository (without compilation from source) the latest g++ 4.7.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. I know I can install g++ 4.7.0 according to this tutorial.

I have also found the g++ 4.7.1 exists in the same repository as mentioned in the tutorial here. If there is newer version in the repository, why the previously installed version (4.7.0) is not updated when running the "Update Manager"? How do I install 4.7.1? Thank you


Ubuntu (and especially Long Term Support version like 12.04) is not a rolling release distribution. Therefore the versions of stuff usually does not upgrade unless there is a serious reason to do that like major bug or security hole. If I want to use the latest version I should either use rolling release distro like Arch linux or compile stuff myself. Compiling GCC might be tricky though and should be performed with caution.

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