I used gksudo nautilus (not through the terminal but through the 'Open With' command) for some copy & paste stuff that requires root access.

But now whenever I open the file browser (Nautilus) to access my local folder, it doesn't open normally, but opens with root access as if I had used gksudo nautilus again.

Only Trash is able be to opened normally without any root access.

How can I get back the normal, unprivileged behavior for nautilus?

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In general it might be a good idea to install nautilus-gksu. This package allows you to switch to root. It adds a menu entry where you can choose to work with root access.


Go to the /home/user/.local/share/applications/ directory, in there is you users custom mime settings. One or more files will be called userapp-SOMETHING.desktop just delete the one causing problems - you can examine which one you need to delete by opening them with gedit.

You might have to re-login for changes to take affect but I don't think so.

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