I'm using 12.04 64 bits and Skype version released yesterday ( http://blogs.skype.com/garage/2012/07/hotfix_for_multiple_skype_clie.html ).

The problem is : I'm using Skype normally. No problems with that. The problem happen when I try shut down Skype. Apparently works, but if I check( ps -aux on console ), the instance still alive.

So, If I shut down and start Skype again I receive one message error : "Another skype instance may exist".

Someone knows anything about it?

  • How are you shutting it down? Are you logging off before you do it? This might be considered a bug and can only be fixed by Skype, I am not sure about how to report bugs directly to Skype (that would make a good question!). – Bruno Pereira Jul 18 '12 at 17:47
  • my skype on ubuntu 12.04 shuts down and cannot be restarted every time i am making a call and a popup notice is displayed. who really believes that microsoft is going to fix linux bugs in skype? HELLO ALICE, YOU ARE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE. – tony gil May 3 '13 at 12:38

I have noticed this behaviour as well on my 12.04LTS and Skype version Beta. When you click on the orange circle with cross I get this behaviour. When you use Ctrl+Q it closes correctly without leaving instance running in memory.

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According to the directions provided for Skype Logging and debugging feature, to debug the issues in Skype process:

  • Close Skype
  • Create directory "Logs" under your Skype data directory (~/.Skype/)
  • Restart Skype
  • Log file (skype_yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss) will be created in ~/.Skype/Logs
  • To turn off logging again, delete the "Logs" directory

You can then submit your bug report at Skype Issue tracker. There is Skype Client for Linux option in the list. Fill the description and attach the debug and other (if any) log files you have been tailing (tail -f ~/SomeLogFile). And hope the issue get resolved in the next update. (-8

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